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Yarosi Product Authenticity

At Yarosi we take the authenticity of our products seriously. To guard yourself against unauthorised third party sellers and counterfeiters you should only ever buy from our officially authorised sales channels.

Where to buy genuine Yarosi products?

Our fully authorised sales channels are listed below. These are the only retail locations where official Yarosi products can be purchased with our 1 year manufactures warranty. 



https://www.amazon.com Only via Seller 'Yarosi' - Seller ID: AXQIDIXAA4G3A

UK & EU:


https://www.amazon.co.uk Only via Seller 'WutekuDirect' - Seller ID: A3OZ7BNVETVPKQ


https://www.amazon.com.au Only via Seller 'WutekuAustralia' - Seller ID: A27RSK9WIVDLUI

Does Yarosi sell Wholesale to Resellers or Distributors?

Yarosi does not have a reseller or distribution program. Our authentic products are never sold to other sellers or distributors for the purpose of resale. To avoid counterfeits and second hand goods sold as new, please only purchase from the official Yarosi sales channels listed above.

1 Year Manufacturers Warranty

All purchases from our official sales channels listed above carry a full 1 year manufacturers warranty.

Yarosi Manufacturers Warranties are non-transferable. 

If you find product being sold 'as new' that are not from our official sales channel we are unable to guarantee the authenticity of it and it should not be purchased. 

To report an unauthorised third party seller please email details to legal@yarosi.com.

Any purchase of a new Yarosi products from a source other than the officially listed ones above will not be covered under our manufacturers warranty and carries an extremely high risk of being a counterfeit.

Yarosi Trademarks

Our Trademarks for 'Yarosi' are protected internationally in both the USA and the EU. Any use of our trademarks by unauthorised third-parties to divert sales or confuse customers as to the authenticity of our products will be pursued legally.